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Room Retention

Approved participants of Room Retention Selection only complete steps 1 through 3 of housing selection process. Residence Life will contact the group leader via MSM e-mail and obtain the bedroom assignment preferences.

Am I Eligible?

► Can I live in my current room/suite/apartment next year?
Students who meet the requirements of Room Retention may live in the same room the following year. If a group has 100% of the current occupants returning to the room/suite/apartment and the room is eligible for retention, then the requirements are met. If all of the current residents are returning except one (1) and a replacement student has been found, students may retain the current room/suite/apartment. However, if a room is one that is ineligible for room retention, students must opt into a different housing selection process.

Rooms Ineligible for Room Retention

  • Apartments (except 5-person apartments)

  • Bradley Hall

  • McCaffrey Hall

  • Pangborn Hall

  • Sheridan Hall

  • Summit House

  • Themed Housing (Summit Living, Honors)

  • Rooms colored in orange on housing floor plans

There will be several other rooms around campus that will not be available for room retention or the housing selection processes due to other factors which could include special accommodations housing, renovations, gender switch for hall or rooms, and rooms designated for first-year students. Check the housing selection Floor Plans webpage to see how rooms are designated for each housing assignment.

How to Apply

To apply for room retention, you will need to fill out the housing application, opt into the Room Retention Housing Selection then the group leader must form the group by the published deadlines. Once a student has received a confirmation from the Office of Residence Life that they are approved for room retention and assigned to their room, then they have completed the selection process.

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