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Influenza Prevention and Policy

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Contact Health Services to get your flu shot
Phone: (301) 447-5288  •  Location: Lower McGowan

As our community prepares for another flu season, we would like to remind everyone of the Mount’s policy for students or employees experiencing symptoms of influenza. As you probably know, the flu is very contagious and there is the potential for a campus wide epidemic if we do not take proper precautions.

This policy is in place for each of our best interest as well as for the protection of our entire campus community. It is important to remember that the University, including faculty and administration, will work with students who need to go home due to illness and are diagnosed with the flu.

The Mount’s Influenza Policy

What is the Mount’s policy for students or employees diagnosed with the flu?

As a primarily residential institution it will normally be impossible for the University’s students to self-quarantine themselves in a University residence hall. As a result, under most circumstances students or employees who are diagnosed with the flu or are very ill are sent home for seven calendar days (the length of time of infectiousness for a person infected with the influenza virus).

Students and employees who are shown to be fever free for a period of 24 hours (without fever reducing medication) may be permitted to return to the University after five days if they present to Health Services (students) or Human Resources Department (employees) documentation from their personal physician that they have been cleared to return to class or work.

Reduce Your Chances of Getting the Flu

Vaccination is the best protection we have and protects you against all three main types of flu.

Mount St. Mary’s University Flu Clinic is in Health Services. Check the campus calendar for times when you can get your Flu vaccine.

The price for the flu vaccine is $20 (cash only) for students, seminarians and employees on campus who are not full-time and part-time regular employees. The cost is free for full-time and part-time regular employees. No appointment is required, but you must sign-up through the Department of Human Resources at 301-447-5372 to participate in the Wellness Program.


Common College Campus Ailments

Influenza (flu) — More information is available on the CDC Influenza website.
MRSA (staph/skin infections) — More information is available on the CDC MRSA website.
Gastroenteritis (stomach flu/Norovirus) — More details can be found on the CDC Norovirus website.

If you have any questions about any of the common ailments, or any other health concerns,
please come in and ask.

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