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Spotlight on Success

School of Education and Human Services

VinceWolfeFieldSelfStudy   On Sunday, October 25, Professor Joseph Vince gave a presentation of the findings of
   a study that Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Field and he published in July, “Firearms Training &
   Self-Defense: Does the Quality and Frequency of Training Determine the Realistic 
   Use of Firearms by Citizens for Self-Defense? (Facts and Evidence for Public Policy
   Considerations)” to the Firearms  Committee of the International Association of
   Chiefs of Police (IACP) at the 122nd International Conference held in Chicago,
   Illinois.  As a result of the presentation of the study’s findings the Committee will be
   considering several resolutions for adoption by the entire IACP Organization. 
   Several organizations have requested additional study into methods for reducing firearm violence in
   the United States.  The team is considering such a study. 

ForsheyTrevor    Trevor W.  Forshey is pictured with Barbara Martin Palmer, Dean, School of Education  
    and Human Services, at the Fall 2015 graduation ceremony for graduate students held on
    October 25th.  Trevor earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree with Certification in
    Elementary Education.  


BonnerLarenzThis past summer, ten SEHS students completed their internships in the sociology, criminal justice, and human services fields. Students were involved with various organizations ranging from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office to The Frederick Rescue Mission, with six of our criminal justice majors working with local law enforcement departments. One student, Larenz Bonner, interned with the Abraxas Youth and Family Services in the Leadership Development Program. His main duties included facilitating daily activities and ensuring that clients were following their treatment plans. Here’s what he had to say about the experience!

“My favorite part of the internship was having meaningful interactions with the clients I worked with…It took several weeks for any of the clients to honestly open up to me. Overall, the internship was a great learning experience. Every day I learned something new from the staff and even the clients.” –Larenz Bonner

The Call to Teach leads some individuals out of the classroom and into administration.  During October we join NASSP, NAESP, and AFSA to celebrate our alumni who serve as principal or assistant principal in public and Catholic schools across the nation.  School administrators establish safe learning environments that support learners’ development.  MSMU alumni currently serving as principals/assistant principals include:

Eric Bethel  C’99
Carl Bilotta  C’03
Elise Hirschmiller Burgess C’02
Deveda Coley C’93
John D’Adamo C ‘02
Nora Schmidt Dietz C’00
Paul Fer C’01
Dan Fowler  C’05
Maggie Gilgallon  C’97
Ian Guidera C’98
Beth Kelley  C’00
Dan Lippy C'95
Greg Mullenholtz  C’03
Shirley Olsen  C’99
Catherine Cummings Poling C’96
Terri Naurot Ridenour C’93
Steve Wernick  C’95; ‘98

We know our list is incomplete and invite you to send additional names of principals/assistant principals to Dean Palmer. 
Thank a principal today!

Author Debbie Levy MSMU 2015 The Mount welcomed author Debbie Levy to campus on October 1st.  When she visited Dr. Cook's course on Materials for Teaching Reading, she spoke on "Why Dog Books are a Teacher's Best Friend."  She shared how her book Dozer's Run:  A True Story of a Dog and His Race as well as other dog books could be used as mentor texts to teach writing style and important themes.  In the evening, Debbie addressed university students and area teachers on "From Small Dramas to Big Questions: Bringing Tough Issues and Timeless Concerns to Young Readers."  During the lecture she spoke about her book The Year of Goodbyes: A True Story of Friendship, Family and Farewells and how her mom's childhood autograph book from Nazi Germany focused her writing.  Everyone enjoyed her warmth and openness as she shared the importance of teaching tough topics in child friendly ways. 

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