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Institutional Efforts

University Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force Operational Plan

Courageous Dialogue, Meaningful Action

Under the umbrella of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force, more than 100 faculty, students, administrators, staff and community members served on 10 working groups during the Fall 2020 semester to engage in a holistic review of and action plan to address racism that exists on our campus and in our surrounding communities. This report presents the operational plan to implement the actions recommended by the working groups and accepted by the university.

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DEI Strategic Plan

Following an intense, collaborative planning process, the Mount launched a second iteration of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan aligned with the university’s goals articulated in the 2018-23 University Strategic Plan. This five-year plan shows our renewed pledge for developing a diverse university community while creating an inclusive and equitable campus climate. Contributions from all campus constituencies has been essential in helping guide the DEI process toward creative and successful outcomes. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website for diversity, equity and inclusion at Mount St. Mary’s University.

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Mount Inclusive Excellence Committee (MIEC)

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Mount Inclusive Excellence Committee (MIEC) has long been committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and laid the groundwork for inclusion as an objective in the 2018-23 Strategic Plan under the goal of having a culture of teamwork. The objective states: “Ensure our campus environment is welcoming to all who seek to live, learn, and worship.” MIEC has created action plans for both 2018-19 and 2019-20 designed to lead to accomplishment of the objective.

The Mount Inclusive Excellence Committee (MIEC) is responsible for developing the university diversity, equity and inclusion plan. It was first formed in 2013. It is chaired by Vice President for Equity and Success Paula Whetsel-Ribeau, Ph.D. It is comprised of representatives from all campus constituencies.

The MIEC is currently at work developing a five year Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan to support Goal 6.2 of the 2018-23 University Strategic Plan.

Mount Inclusive Excellence Committee Charter

I. Purpose

The Mount Inclusive Excellence Committee (MIEC) is responsible for developing the university diversity, equity and inclusion plan. MIEC will support the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts of administrative units of the university. The committee aims to improve and sustain a culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and feels like a valued member of the university community.

II. Authority

MIEC is a standing committee that reports to Mount Council. MIEC also serves in an advisory capacity to the president on matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

III. Specific Functions

MIEC advises the president in addressing the following objectives. These are the ends we will advance toward as we seek diversity, equity and inclusive excellence.

  1. The Mount will continue to diversify its student body and students will achieve equitable outcomes and success.
  2. The Mount will be a welcoming climate and a more inclusive learning community, workplace and campus environment through intergroup relations.
  3. The Mount will define and advance diversity, equity and inclusion through education and scholarship.
  4. The Mount will have institutional viability and vitality through comprehensive development, continuous improvement, and active, intentional involvement with diversity, equity and inclusion.

IV. Membership

Members are appointed by the vice presidents / provost and include representatives from: Office of Admissions, Student Life (four), faculty (one from each school / college / division), University Marketing & Communications, Public Safety, Learning Services, Department of Athletics, an administrative assistant and two students.

V. Leadership

MIEC is chaired by the vice president for equity and success.

VI. Meetings

During the academic year, MIEC holds two 90-minute meetings each month depending on faculty schedules. Minutes of meetings, once approved, are posted on the shared governance site. Some materials reviewed will remain confidential at the discretion of the committee.

VII. Decision-making

Official actions taken by the committee are decided upon a vote. Voting is typically conducted in-person during our meetings. In the event that a vote is time-sensitive and needed prior to the next meeting, a special vote will be held via email with the members of the committee. The chair will pose and clearly explain the subject of the vote and seek questions. The results of the vote will be shared with committee members upon the completion of the vote.

VIII. Facilitate Shared Understanding

  1. Committee will report out to Mount Council and the president, at least, annually.
  2. Each meeting's minutes are posted to SharePoint so that the community is able to access them.

IX. Continuous Improvement

The MIEC reviews its charter each year at the first meeting of the year. The MIEC will evaluate its efforts very five years.

X. Amendments

A majority vote of members may revise or amend the MIEC Charter.

Mount Inclusive Excellence Committee Members

Paula Whetsel-Ribeau, Ph.D.
Committee Chair
Vice President and Chief Equity & People Officer

Rosie Bolen, Ph.D.
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training & Development

Alejandro Cañadas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business

Carolyn Cook
Professor Emerita
School of Education

Jose Del Valle
Student Success Coach
Center for Student Engagement and Success

Molly Kennedy
Admissions Counselor
Office of Admissions

Donna Klinger
Executive Director of Communications
Office of University Marketing & Communications

Francis Lukban
Director of the Center for Service

Denise Marjarum
Director of Learning Services

Brenda McKeel
Dean’s Assistant
College of Liberal Arts

Christina Ryder
Assistant Controller/Budget Director
Accounting and Financial Affairs

Chastidy Thomas
Executive Assistant
Office of the Provost

Analia Williams, C'23

About the President’s Advisory Council for DEI

The President’s Advisory Council for DEI, established and appointed by the president in the academic school year 2018-19 is comprised of students, faculty and administrators. It is a forum for active participation of representative campus constituencies to ensure a welcoming and inclusive community related to diversity, equity and inclusion. The Council is charged to:

  • Advise the president and other university leaders on critical issues.
  • Recommend initiatives, policies and practices to enhance the Mount’s inclusion efforts.
  • Evaluate and track campus climate.


Jackie Candito, C’23

Jennifer Cuadra, C’25

Patrick Daum, C’22

Marcos Gonzalez-Sambolin, C’22

Ron Hibbard
Director of Public Safety

Emmy Jansen, C’23

Efosa Omorogbe, C’24

Shahanaaz Soumah, C’22

Paula Whetsel-Ribeau, Ph.D.
Vice President and Chief Equity & People Officer

Analia Williams, C’23