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2018-25 Strategic Plan

Mount St. Mary’s University has developed the following Strategic Plan – approved to begin in 2018 and extended in 2022 – which, as a living and dynamic document, serves as a framework and a context for implementing a vision for the university in support of our mission. This plan provides a guide for our annual work and resource allocation, and serves as a basis for accountability.

Our Values

We look to the 209-year heritage of the Mount for principles that serve as waypoints in our quest for excellence. Our history is filled with examples of the Mount holding true to timeless virtues while adapting to a changing society. We will continue to do so, inspired by those who have gone before us. For this inspiration, look no further than our founder, Father John DuBois, whose example en-courages us to overcome our individual struggles, seek greatness, and have faith that the Holy Spirit will help us every step of the way. We are immensely "Mount Proud" of where we have been and are inspired by where we are going together.

As members of the Mount St. Mary’s community, we deeply value:

  • A Student-Centric Focus: Students, and their future success, are the reason our institution exists and are the focal point of all that we do.
  • Our Catholic Identity: In a dynamic higher education environment, an enduring commitment to our Catholic mission inspires a fearless engagement with the world and a hospitality to all regardless of religious background.
  • Service to God and Others: Our enduring purpose and key to our greatness is that we develop ethical leaders who seek to use their God-given talents in service to God and to others.
  • Academic Excellence: Through the Catholic intellectual tradition we educate students to advance human understanding of our world and the human condition while cultivating in them an excellence in a chosen profession and a zeal for lifelong learning.
  • Our People: Our hard working, caring people and our innovative intellectual capital are the lifeblood of the Mount.
  • A Transformative Learning Environment: Together we create the caring and intellectually stimulating environment that inspires our students’ desire to lead lives of meaning and purpose.
  • Teamwork: We care for and respect all members of the Mount community and are passionate about working together for their development and success.
  • Stewardship: In a culture of stewardship, we preserve the value and beauty of the facilities and manage resources responsibly to fulfill our mission as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Inclusion: We harness the energy created by diversity of thought and engendered by a richly diverse staff, faculty and student body to ensure that all feel welcome and included at the Mount.
  • An Ethical, Competitive and Entrepreneurial Winning Spirit: We set bold goals and rally our team every day to achieve them with honor. We challenge our teammates to do the same for their own personal growth. We pursue relentless, pragmatic optimism.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Our respect for others leads us to respond with honesty and integrity in our daily interactions.

Vision Statement

Mount St. Mary’s University will be the No. 1 regional university in the Northeast by 2025, recognized for a relentless commitment to student success, financial sustainability and stewardship, and a faith- and values-based campus environment that inspires graduates to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

University Mission Statement

As a Catholic university, Mount St. Mary’s graduates ethical leaders who are inspired by a passion for learning and lead lives of significance in service to God and others.

Strategic Priorities

Student Success

Mount prepares a diverse student body to be ethical leaders who lead lives of significance in service to God and others. We do this by immersing students in a rigorous intellectual, social and spiritual experience, grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition. The Mount prepares graduates for
excellence in their lifelong pursuits through cultivating a zeal for learning.

Faith– and Values–Based Campus Environment

The Mount is deeply passionate about cultivating an environment rooted in our values to create a welcoming and engaged community. As the oldest independent Catholic university, we are steadfast in our mission, inviting all people of faith to embark on their spiritual journeys. We continuously strive to provide an exhilarating academic and social university experience, focused on education, teamwork and inclusion. Fostering a culture of service in all that we do, we are energized to serve one another with love, dignity and respect. We recognize the importance of enhancing our student quality of life and the responsibility of maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Financial Sustainability and Stewardship

The Mount’s institutional culture of stewardship manifests as disciplined people, thought and action to ensure the efficient and effective use of time, talent, treasure and environment. Comprehensive financial and human resource plans provide the framework for priorities and decision-making. As stewards we generate and deploy resources to serve students and to reinvest in the long-term excellence of the Mount.

Additional Information

Mount St. Mary's University Strategic Planning is overseen by the Assessment, Strategic Planning and Institutional Research, and Effectiveness (ASPIRE) Office. To get more information about strategic planning, assessment or official reporting to federal, state and accrediting agencies, please contact Executive Director Strategic Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Jeffrey Simmons, Ph.D.