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English – Certification in Secondary Education (7-12)

English – Certification in Secondary Education (7-12)

Unlocking the ability to research, think critically and communicate, an English education can help students discover career paths they never imagined. Through the English – certification in secondary education (7-12) program, students are positioned to teach the next generation of learners, helping them become better creators and strategic thinkers to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

School of Education

The English – certification in secondary education (7-12) program is part of the School of Education. Rigorous programs and close interaction with acclaimed faculty ensure that graduates leave the Mount ready to make a difference in a rapidly changing educational environment.

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About the major and certification.

In the English – certification in secondary education (7-12) program, you’ll major in English while also gaining knowledge and practical classroom experience on the education side.

Not only will you study the classics from the Middle Ages through the contemporary period, but you’ll also delve into the study of the English language itself. Additionally, you’ll learn various writing styles, including journalistic, argumentative and creative.

To prepare you for secondary education certification, you’ll gain an understanding of learning theory and human development, reading processes, methods of research, educational policies, and lesson planning and assessment.

The program culminates with an internship and professional seminar, enabling you to practice the skills you’ve developed in real-world situations. After the certification process, you’ll be able to teach to students from seventh to 12th grade. You’ll prepare them for college and beyond, while teaching them transferable skills in reading, writing and communication, as well as more specific areas such as journalism, Shakespeare or contemporary literature if you choose.

These programs in English and mathematics lead to certification in grades seven through 12. Each student who plans to teach at the secondary level must have a content area major.

An advisor in the Division of Education will be assigned upon the student’s admission to a teacher education program, though the primary advisor resides in the major department. The student is responsible for knowing and meeting the requirements and deadlines for internship, program completion and certification, as well as all graduation requirements of the major department and of the university. The Maryland Approved programs in secondary teacher education meet requirements for certification in other states. Students are advised, however, to consult certification requirements in states of interest early in their study.

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About the minor.

If you’re interested in the field of education but don’t necessarily want to pursue a teaching career, or if you’d like to complement your major by studying topics that are important to educators, you may want to consider an education minor. Through these courses, you’ll gain a broad understanding of educational policies, learning theories, and the societal impacts of education, among others.

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