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Entrepreneurship professor and students in the Palmieri Center for Entrepreneurship at the Mount


Innovate for a better future.

From solving transportation problems through developing apps to bringing clean drinking water solutions to developing countries, entrepreneurs think creatively and critically to see a path where others only see obstacles. Creativity, persistence and determination permit them to bring positive solutions to some of the most pressing problems of our time – from around the world to around the corner.

Interdisciplinary program

The entrepreneurship program is an interdisciplinary program, which spans each of our schools and divisions.

  • Undergraduate Major
  • Undergraduate Minor
  • Certificate
  • Graduate Program
  • Adult Undergraduate
  • Special Program

About the major.

Albert Einstein once said that it was not that he was so smart, only that he stayed with problems longer. Entrepreneurs have that same relentless optimism that they’ll accomplish what they set out to do, no matter what the critics say.

Through the Mount’s Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurship – the first university to offer a program of this kind in the state of Maryland – you’ll learn how to take an idea from the drawing board to the board of directors. The entrepreneurship major is four years of an interdisciplinary, hands-on course of study that provides limitless possibilities for the explorer, creative, out-side-the-box thinker and doer. You’ll develop your personal skill set and push boundaries within a safe, embracing academic environment, taking your creative critical thinking into your chosen field of employment, your new venture or your new nonprofit.

Classes include:

  • Financial management for new venture creation.
  • Nonprofit and small business development.
  • Design thinking as your new framework for problem-solving.
  • Business plan design and delivery to help you communicate your ideas to stakeholders.
  • Product design and execution to assist you in meeting customer needs.
  • Web and application design as a method for rapid prototype development.
  • Social media and marketing where you will experience optimal methods to share your idea with the world.

Electives in strategic thinking, game theory, business policy, marketing, communications, environmental sustainability, law, industrial/organizational psychology, social theory and performing arts are also available, allowing you to pick areas of study that add to and heighten your excitement for creative problem-solving. The opportunity to participate in regional, national and international incubators and centers for innovation will also complement academic requirements this course of study.

You’ll graduate from the Mount with not only a degree in entrepreneurship but with the creative skills and analytical mindset needed to make a positive impact in virtually any field in which you choose. Develop a product to help the lives of those with a disability, join a startup that’s working toward making housing more affordable through technology, or bring fresh food to a local neighborhood that the big chain grocery stores forgot about.

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Where entrepreneurship majors go.

Mount grads have a long history of building a better world through their entrepreneurial spirit. They've gone on to create organizations and companies, become venture capitalists, and both build and lead nonprofit and creative agencies.

Graduates take their entrepreneurial mindsets into industry where they're valued for their leadership, out-of-the-box thinking, persistence and ability to communicate across agency departments. Technology, hospitality, finance, marketing and international relations are a few of the fields in which our students pursue careers following graduation.

No. 1 Ranked as the top college for employment in Maryland for 2018-19

About the Center.

The Palmieri Center for Entrepreneurship is a one-of-a-kind resource for students majoring in entrepreneurship. The center provides students with co-curricular experiences such as workshops, exclusive networking, mentorship, innovative startup immersion, business plan competitions and immersive study through individualized experiential learning both on- and off-campus.