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Environmental science major at Mount St. Mary's University

Environmental Science

The world is your classroom.

How does the deforestation of a region affect its wildlife population, fresh water supply and greenhouse gas emissions? What environmental factors should a granite sourcing company consider when restoring a quarry? And what renewable energy option, such as wind, solar or geothermal, is best for a given area? The people who work on these and other challenges that impact the health of our planet have a background in environmental science.

School of Natural Science and Mathematics

The environmental science program is part of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics. Our goal as a department is to graduate women and men that are uniquely equipped to provide scientific perspective and solutions to the complex problems facing humanity.

  • Undergraduate Major
  • Undergraduate Minor
  • Certificate
  • Graduate Program
  • Adult Undergraduate
  • Special Program

About the major.

The Mount’s environmental science degree will prepare you with not only subject matter knowledge needed for a career in a wide array of fields, but with the critical thinking skills necessary to understand how changes to the environment can shape public health, the economy and government.

With a classroom and research-focused lab experience, you’ll learn about human population growth, biodiversity preservation, sustainable agriculture and resource management. Energy use, pollution, climate change, ecology, conservation biology and wildlife management will also be covered. Then choose from electives such as invertebrate zoology, biostatistics, animal behavior, toxicology, evolution and watershed ecology.

The environmental science degree from the Mount will prepare you to pursue a career as a conservationist working for the National Park Service, with an agency developing bioenergy solutions, or as a water management planner for your local municipality.

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Where environmental science majors go.

Mount grads have been hired at companies, organizations and agencies such as:

  • Arcadis Environmental Consulting


Mount grads also consistently pursue graduate, medical and other professional training at top institutions such as:

  • University of Maryland School of Public Health
No. 1 Ranked as the top college for employment in Maryland for 2018-19