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Mathematics program at Mount St. Mary's University



On any list of the best jobs in America, you'll find titles such as data scientist, mathematician, actuary and statistician toward the top, and there's a reason why. From figuring out how much insurance a family should purchase based on their stage in life to calculating how an organization makes sense of its sales data, mathematicians get to work on interesting problems that require creativity, flexibility and cleverness. These are precisely the abilities that a mathematics education from the Mount helps develop.

School of Natural Science and Mathematics

The undergraduate degree program in mathematics is part of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics. Our goal as a department is to graduate women and men who are uniquely equipped to provide scientific perspective and solutions to the complex problems facing humanity.

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About the major.

The Mount’s bachelor’s degree program in mathematics will help you not only gain an understanding of the mechanics of mathematics at a deeper level but also discover why the discipline is a critical part to helping our economy and society develop and advance.

Over the course of the major, you’ll build a foundational knowledge in calculus and linear algebra, you’ll learn to model real-world problems with differential equations and discrete structures, and you’ll pick up the highly desirable skills of data analysis and coding.

Elective courses in number theory and geometry allow you to explore the beauty of modern mathematics. Electives in numerical methods and operations research focus on practical math, like why it's impossible to accurately forecast the weather more than a few days in advance or where a company should optimally position its warehouses.

The major provides a strong foundation for graduate study and several graduates have gone on to earn doctorates. If you're interested in teaching grades seven through 12 you can receive your teaching certification by completing a math major and the appropriate requirements through the Division of Education.

With a mathematics degree from the Mount, you’ll have the education and experience necessary to pursue a career as a market research analyst, as an actuary working to minimize the risk of your organization, or as a researcher developing mathematical models and analyzing data for federal agencies.

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Camille Sanchez Mount St. Mary's Class of 2015

My professors have a passion and excitement for their fields of study and it’s evident in all they do. The excitement they have for the courses they teach leads me to want to know and understand more about the subject.

Camille Sanchez, C'15 Math teacher, Teach for America

Where mathematics majors go.

Mount graduates with a degree in mathematics have been hired by companies such as:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • NSA
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Many high schools throughout Maryland and other states

And are pursuing graduate degrees or post-graduation opportunities at:

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Alabama
  • College of William and Mary
  • Teach for America
No. 1 Ranked as the top college for employment in Maryland for 2018-19

About the minor.

The Mount’s mathematics minor can be a great complement to many majors. Pair the minor with a cybersecurity major and protect financial institutions from cybercrime, a health science degree to pursue a career as a biomedical researcher, or a business major to become an operations research analyst.

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About the double major.

A double major in mathematics and computer science will give you the best of both majors. You will become a strong programmer and a creative problem solver. A double major opens up career possibilities like software developer, financial analyst, data scientist and much more.

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About the state certification in teaching mathematics.

Mathematics majors can meet the requirements of Maryland and many other states for certification in teaching secondary-level mathematics. Majors who elect this program fulfill the same requirements as other mathematics majors as well as complete the education requirements from the Division of Education.

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