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Fine arts majors at Mount St. Mary's University

Visual and Performing Arts

Art, Music, Theatre

From creating powerful visual works of art to producing memorable theatrical performances to helping others experience the challenges of making music, those working in arts make a difference in the lives of others each day.

College of Liberal Arts

The visual and performing arts program is part of the College of Liberal Arts, which is about making connections freely—exploring human achievement, examining the past critically and discovering ways to build upon it, and understanding yourself and our diverse world in order to transform it.

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About the Major

The Mount’s visual and performing arts department allows you to choose from concentrations in art and music. In each program, you’ll not only learn concepts and techniques central to your study of interest, you’ll also gain transferable skills as you build your critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities. Finally, the senior project/capstone course will provide the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained by preparing an independent art or performance project, to be presented during the Mount’s annual SPARC Festival.

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About the Concentration

The art concentration provides the framework to study drawing, painting and sculpting, including two- and three-dimensional design, principles of design and how to work with different materials. Through electives, you can learn concepts and techniques in graphic design and digital photography, as well as ceramics, environmental art, mixed media and varying types of printmaking.

A concentration in art from the Mount can provide the training and experience necessary to pursue a career as a graphic designer or illustrator for a publisher, an art director for a creative agency, or build a business as a professional photographer or videographer.

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About the Concentration

A concentration in music from the Mount provides the education and experience necessary for students who seek a career or further study in music. Through its rigorous curriculum, you’ll take courses in music history and theory, study voice or your instrument one-on-one with seasoned professional performers, and challenge your musical skills in one of several choral and instrumental ensembles.

The degree will prepare you for a wide range of possible career paths from music education to performance to management.

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Elena Rittie, C'21

For my honors project, I directed a Shakespearean show and the amount of support from the entire campus was overwhelmingly touching. I had professors emailing me letting me know they watched the recorded show, my friends from all class years came to support me, my coworkers and bosses saw the show and I received many text messages of encouragement. It showed me how much the people on this campus lift each other up—and I’ve never felt more loved than in that moment.

Elena Rittie, C'21 Graduate Assistant, Mount St. Mary's University

Where Arts Majors Go

Mount graduates with a degree from the Visual and Performing Arts Department have pursued graduate degrees or post-graduation opportunities at: 

  • Villanova University
  • University of Virginia
  • Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Shenandoah Conservatory of Music
Top 10% The Mount is in the top 10% of colleges and universities nationwide in terms of the long-term earnings for a four-year college degree.

About the Minor


The Mount’s art minor can be a great complement to many majors. Pair the minor with a business major and work toward a career managing a creative agency, a psychology degree to pursue a career as an art therapist, or a biology major to help people better understand medical concepts through visual communication.


The Mount’s music minor can be a great complement to many majors. Pair the minor with a communication major and work toward a career as a talent agent and publicist, a business degree to pursue a career in sales and marketing for a concert venue, or a political science major if you plan to attend law school and work toward a career as an entertainment lawyer.


The Mount’s theatre minor can be a great complement to many majors. Pair the minor with a communication major and become a public-speaking coach, a business degree to pursue a career as fundraiser for a community arts center, or attend graduate school and pursue a career in arts administration.

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Meet Our Faculty

Nick Hutchings

Nick Hutchings

Department Chair / Associate Professor

Francesca Aguado

Francesca Aguado

Lecturer in Voice

Laura Armstrong

Laura Armstrong

Lecturer in Clarinet and Saxophone

Mark Carlson

Mark Carlson

Associate Professor

Director of Instrumental Ensembles

Elizabeth Holtry

Elizabeth Holtry


placeholder photo

Danielle Karppala

Lecturer in Cello

placeholder photo

Matthew Ogden

Lecturer in Bassoon

placeholder photo

John Pursell

Lecturer in Trumpet

Philip Ravita

Philip Ravita

Lecturer in Guitar and Bass

placeholder photo

James Tung

Lecturer in Violin and Viola

Director of String Ensemble

James Tung 10/11
placeholder photo

John Wickelgren

Lecturer in Piano


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