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Bolte School Student Opportunities

Get involved with the Bolte School

There are many opportunities in the Bolte School for students to extend their education, network and build their résumé with student organizations, societies, awards and activities. Check out what we have to offer.

Delta Mu Delta

Delta Mu Delta is the National Honor Society for business and recognizes superior scholastic achievement by students in business subjects.

Student Clubs and Organizations

The Bolte School sponsors several clubs and organizations: the Accounting Club, the Economics Club, the Finance Club, the Marketing Club, and the Sport Management Club. These organizations provide students with leadership opportunities and have very active programs of outside speakers, career nights, social activities and service projects.


A student-led organization that puts classroom education into practice through community outreach projects to solve real world problems.

Federal Reserve Challenge

Economics students regularly participate in an annual intercollegiate monetary policy contest sponsored by the 5th District Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Baltimore Branch.

Student Honors and Awards

The Bolte School regularly recognizes the achievement of business majors through the awarding of a long list of awards, honors and scholarships.

Business Olympics

Hosted by the Sport Management Club, this annual spring event is very popular, especially the cash prizes.

Student Research

Students have opportunities for research beyond what is required in the classroom. Some students arrange independent studies for academic credit with research programs designed with faculty. Students may also assist faculty members as research assistants. Finally, Bolte School students in the Honors Program complete a research project in their senior year that is supervised by a faculty member.


An internship program allows students to explore professional options, gain practical experience by working in their chosen field, and network and make contacts. The Bolte School encourages its students to seek internship opportunities to extend their classroom learning and to enhance their attractiveness to prospective employees. Many such opportunities are available through the Career Center; students are also encouraged to seek their own opportunities.

Economy of Francesco

This year, the Economy of Francesco movement will be hosting its first in-person meeting for young people called by Pope Francis. In an effort to give a soul to the economy, economic scholars, entrepreneurs and changemakers from across the globe will come together to collaborate with young people who desire to contribute to this new season of economic thought and practice. The Economy of Francesco event will take place this September 22, 23, and 24 in Assisi, Italy, with an expected attendance of over 1000 people. For more information, contact Dr. Alejandro Cañadas.

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