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Senior Honors Presentations - Class of 2022

“so reputed / In dignity, and for the liberal arts / Without a parallel”

~ Shakespeare, The Tempest (1.2.72-74)

On behalf of the University Honors Program and her students, we invite you to celebrate the work of our Honors Seniors. These projects serve as the capstone of the Honors experience at the Mount. They are the result of many months of intense research and the enthusiastic support of faculty mentors, all of whom hold the highest degrees in their subject areas.

As passionate teachers and scholars who call students to engage in meaningful and challenging questions, we share in the successes of our students. Their virtues are our privilege.

Students, we know that the journey was demanding and we have been honored witnesses to your outstanding endeavors to this end. To be sure, the completion of your work marks an important transitional period in your lives. You have successfully taken on a large project that has required you to engage in many constantly evolving fields of study. Now, the fruits of your labor have made these disciplines different from what they were. You have shaped what is to come.

Honors Seniors of the Class of 2022, your success is how we recognize ours. You are our future, and we are Mount proud! CONGRATULATIONS!

Sarah K. Scott, Ph.D.
Director, University Honors Program
Professor, Department of English

Listed in alphabetical order by last name. Please contact the individual presenter if you would like the Zoom link to the presentation.

graciela amaguana

Graciela F. Amaguana

Biology | Mentor: Michael J. Turner, Ph.D.

Does Caffeine Inhibit or Promote the Memory of Caenorhabditis elegans?

Abstract: Caffeine is a widely known and used drug amongst many of us. Could the properties of caffeine have any effect on other organisms, such as Caenorhabditis elegans?

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rebekah balick

Rebekah C. Balick

International Studies / History | Mentors: Elaini G. Tsoukatos, Ph.D., and Teresa P. Rupp, Ph.D.

Who Owns Mediterranean History?: Art Repatriation, Nationalism, and the Argument for Cultural Property

Abstract: Displays of illicitly acquired art collections in Western museums have opened an international altercation about cultural property ownership and demands to return all artworks to their original people. However, the resolution to this repatriation controversy requires more than accusations, involving a larger debate about the moral responsibility of national heritage.

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marleigh beck

Marleigh A. Beck

Human Services | Mentor: Jack K. Trammell, Ph.D.

Synthesizing Eugenic Abortion on a Macro and Micro Level

Abstract: The selective abortion of unborn babies based on being predisposed to developmental disability is an issue of global scale. The ethics of this practice are disputed in favor of eugenic abortion being morally wrong in every instance.

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haley bodner

Haley A. Bodner

Education / Foreign Language | Mentors: Ernest Solar, Ph.D., and Stacey Brown-Hobbs, Ph.D.

Play Hard, Learn Harder: How Gameplay Effects Long-term Disciplinary Vocabulary Retention in Social Studies

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the effects of game-based, kinesthetic learning in a student-centered flipped classroom model, which may lead to stronger long-term vocabulary retention rates for students at various ability levels.

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ethan bower

Ethan F. Bower

Business / Economics | Mentor: Alejandro A. Cañadas, Ph.D.

Religious Ethics and Values: Their Relationship with Sustainable Business Practices

Abstract: This paper will analyze the relationship between religious ethics and the sustainable business practices that they may foster. While secularism does seem to be the modern trend, this paper will analyze thebenefits of religiously inspired values that still have a substantial presence in the modern business.

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isabella brooke

Isabella M. Brooke

Biology | Mentor: Patricia J. Kreke, Ph.D.

Synthesis and Microscale Purification of Ethyl Benzoate

Abstract: This study focuses on the development of a new protocol for the second step of the undergraduate organic chemistry sequence experiment by using ethanol instead of methanol to synthesize ethyl benzoate from benzoic acid. The use of ethanol is explored since it has a lower toxicity than methanol.

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paige buchanan

Paige S. Buchanan

Business | Mentor: Alejandro A. Cañadas, Ph.D.

What A Dollar Is Worth: The Impact of ESG Investments in Finance

Abstract: Market portfolio theory suggests investors organize their portfolios based on risk classification to yield the highest return possible. However, shifting generational values like the environment and social justice have pushed investors to behave differently. Instead of solely hedging against risk, investors seek it with the hope of saving the environment.

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autumn burns

Autumn Burns

Accounting / Forensic Accounting | Mentor: Lawrence Hoffman

Boom or Bust: Analyzing the Merit of Cryptocurrency

Abstract: Many love to boast about their investment in the craze of cryptocurrency. However, how many people truly know what it is and how it works? What are the risks of getting involved in cryptocurrency, both at the individual and societal level?

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cole burrows

Cole Burrows

Chemistry | Mentor: Isaac N. Mills, Ph.D.

Synthesis of Pyridine Salt Complexes from Chalcone Precursors

Abstract: Synthesis of Pyridine complexes includes a multi-step synthesis reaction, beginning with benzaldehyde and combining with acetophenone to synthesize banzalacetophenone, also referred to as a Chalcone. The chalcone is then synthesized into 2,4,6-trimemethyl pyrylium. Using the current procedure, there will be an additional step to add a nitrogen group into the top phenyl group on 2,4,6-trimethyl pyrylium.

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elizabeth busch

Elizabeth C. Busch

English / French | Mentors: Carol L. Hinds, Ph.D., and Mark Carlson, D.M.A.

Include Women in the Sequel: Reconsidering the Place of Women in Undergraduate Literature and Music Courses

Abstract: Drawing on a survey of twentieth- and twenty-first-century novels by women, anthologies, interviews with professors, scholarship on feminist musicology, and critical theory, this project argues that the framework for undergraduate study in literature and music must radically reject internalized and externalized misogyny for both disciplines to fully engage with women’s works.

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camden casey

Camden P. Casey

Political Science | Mentor: Allison Berland, Ph.D.

The Media’s Impact on American Politics from the Twentieth Century to Today

Abstract: What impact did the media have on politics in America since the turn of the twentieth century, and in what ways has the media’s impact on American politics evolved over that same period?

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holly click

Holly Click

Biochemistry / Biology | Mentor: Abigail Kula, Ph.D.

Analyzing Plant Size Traits in a Reciprocal Transplant Experiment to Identify the Presence of Local Adaptation in Subpopulations of Common Milkweed, Asclepias syriaca

Abstract: In this study, four locations were involved in a reciprocal transplant experiment of milkweed populations in common gardens across its native range. The results show that there is some evidence of populations that are better suited to their native environment.

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miriam crouse

Miriam R. Crouse

French / International Studies | Mentor: Marco D. Roman, Ph.D.

Vive La Révolution: Mohamed Kacimi as a Voice for a New Algeria

Abstract: An exploration of Algerian post-independence writer Mohamed Kacimi and an analysis of his works Le Nuage and La Confession d’Abraham through an exile framework centered around the questions of Edward Said. This analysis connects to political questions of post-independence Algeria, especially identity politics and the rise of religious extremism.

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jade curtis

Jadé A. Curtis

Communication / Political Science | Mentor: Ed Egan

Race and its Role in Funding Public Education

Abstract: Several policies regarding education and amendments to those policies have negatively affected students especially in the area of race due in large part to public education funding.

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timothy derosa

Timothy DeRosa

Theology | Mentor: Barrett H. Turner, Ph.D.

This is the Night: A Theological Examination of Light in the Easter Vigil

Abstract: This paper examines the Easter Vigil liturgy, the changes that have occurred since the time of Pope Pius XII, and why light is important to the liturgy.

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christopher diaz

Christopher G. Diaz

Political Science | Mentor: Joshua Hochschild, Ph.D.

The Greatest Threat to the United States

Abstract: An argument about the greatest political threat to the United States and how it can be solved.

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matthew dirndorfer

Matthew Dirndorfer

Business | Mentor: Michael P. Barry, Ph.D.

Problems with Printing

Abstract: In economics today the question of how to solve the issue of inflation and debt has become a critical issue. One of the newer and popular solutions is Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) which has become a divisive issue in the economic community. The goal of this paper is to determine if MMT is a viable economic theory.

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olivia eby

Olivia A. Eby

Business | Mentor: Edward Reynolds

Corporate Social Responsibility: Fact or Fiction?

Abstract: This project will address the way in which an organization’s utilization of corporate social responsibility influences consumer actions and the effectiveness of various corporate social responsibility initiatives. The project will analyze corporate social responsibility as a marketing concept that attracts consumers based on social, economic, and environmental concerns. This concept allows potential consumers to make a positive and ethical difference with their purchases. The number of consumers that are attracted to the organization or product by the mission to make a difference will be evaluated.

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anne frederick

Anne M. Frederick

Foreign Language / Political Science | Mentor: Mike J. Towle, Ph.D.

Electoral Systems and Extremism: Is Representation a Trade-Off for Peace?

Abstract: Proportional representation, an electoral system that allocates seats in the legislature, has been criticized by skeptics for encouraging extremism through lower thresholds of exclusion. This project explores this debate by looking at European democracies by their electoral system type and their reported instances of political violence in recent years.

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thomas gamble

Thomas A. Gamble

Biology | Mentor: Katy Dye, Ph.D.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces the Inflammatory Response in RAW264.7 Cells

Abstract: Elevated TNF-α contributes to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) pathogenesis. We investigated the effect of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein on TNF-α expression in mouse macrophages and quantified protein and mRNA upregulation via ELISA and qPCR. The effect of ACE-2 receptor blockade on Spike induced TNF-α expression was also assessed. Our data clarify the relationship between Spike, cellular inflammation, and ACE-2.

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maria gaspari

Maria E. Gaspari

Human Services | Mentor: Jack K. Trammell, Ph.D.

What Challenges Do Children with Cancer Face When Interacting with Their Peers?

Abstract: When children are diagnosed with cancer, their lives change drastically. This paper discusses the challenges that children face when interacting with their peers and families.

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angelo gurcsik

Angelo N. Gurcsik

Biology | Mentor: Patrick M. Lombardi, Ph.D.

Investigating How DNA Repair Complexes are Recruited to Damage Sites

Abstract: The ALKBH3-ASCC complex is responsible for repairing damaged DNA in the nucleus of the cell. We set out to better understand the protein-protein interactions that recruit the ALKBH3-ASCC complex to DNA damage sites.

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abigail hacker

Abigail Hacker

Biochemistry, Biology | Mentor: Patrick M. Lombardi, Ph.D.

Protein-Protein Modeling and Comparison of Small Angle X-Ray Scattering of the ASCC2 CUE: K63Ub2 Complex

Abstract: This study examines the binding mechanism of the DNA repair complex ALKBH-ASCC and the signaling molecule diubiquitin. Data-driven protein-protein binding models produced via the HADDOCK webserver and small angle x-ray scattering data analysis via the FoxS webserver were used to determine the binding mechanism between diubiquitin and the recruiter protein ASCC2.

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madison hall

Madison C. Hall

Criminal Justice / Psychology | Mentor: Mindy S. Korol, Ph.D.

Perceptions of Faculty-Student Sexual Harassment Among Male Versus Female College Faculty and Staff Members

Abstract: This study focuss on the perceptions held by male versus female college faculty, staff, and administrators regarding faculty to student sexual harassment. Within this study four vignette groups were used allowing for the collection of varying perceptions regarding situations in which the gender of the perpetrator and victim differed depending on the group.

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jared hampton

Jared Hampton

Chemistry | Mentor: Isaac N. Mills, Ph.D.

The Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Azomethine Complexes using Schiff-Base Ligands Based on Electron-donating and Electron-withdrawing Properties

Abstract: To meet the renewable energy demands of the future, dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) present an alternative for solar energy generation. DSSCs are held back by their cost-efficiency, so to improve DSSCs, zinc azomethine complexes were implemented. These complexes were synthesized based on Schiff-base ligands with electron-poor and electron-rich properties.

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barrett hiller

Barrett Hillier

Psychology | Mentor: Mindy S. Korol, Ph.D.

Social Media, Gender, and Depressive Disorders in College Students

Abstract: Although social media sites have become quite popular with college students, the increased occurrence of young adults diagnosed with depressive disorders has been concerning. Male and female undergraduate students at Mount St. Mary’s University (N=106, ages 18-22) were given an online survey that examined their social media use, gender, and level of depressive symptoms. Consistent with the hypothesis, it was found that there was a relationship between depression and social media. However, there was no significant interaction between depression, social media, and gender.

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andrew jackson

Andrew Jackson

Accounting / Forensic Accounting | Mentor: John V. Sherwin

WorldCom’s Disaster of Internal Controls

Abstract: This research searches deeply into The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations Internal Control cube, whick could help us understand how a major financial disaster such as that of WorldCom is possible. Combined accounts help us to understand what conditons are necessary for a huge fraud to occur.

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emmy jansen

Emily Jansen

Conflict, Peace and Social Justice / Interdisciplinary | Mentor: Tom Bligh, Ph.D.

Woman as Temptress, Redefined

Abstract: Despite the national attention given to cases of sexual violence, victimhood remains a deeply misunderstood experience. This collection of poetry and prose highlights female sexuality in terms of both violence and infidelity, questioning a woman's agency over her own body and choices as well as the age-old justification of "woman as temptress."

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jalen jefferson

Jalen Jefferson

Biology | Mentor: Michael J. Turner, Ph.D.

Assessing the Role of microRNA-34 in the Cognitive Processing of Caenorhabditis Elegans

Abstract: The research is an assessment of the role that microRNA-34 plays in learning capacity. The test subject, Caenorhabditis Elegans, were subjected to analyses of memory in two groups: a control group with a wild-type genome, and an experimental group with microRNA-34 removed.

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sydney kelly

Sydney R. Kelly

Education / History | Mentor: Greg Murry, Ph.D.

Isolation and Community: Women, Witches, and the Birthing Room in Early Modern England

Abstract: This project will explore the social history of women in Early Modern England through the themes of isolation and community. The topics of “Daily Life,” “The Birthing Room,” and “Witches,” are used as case studies to explore how these themes of isolation and community impacted women.

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andrew ku

Andrew J. Ku

Computer Science | Mentor: Brian Heinold, Ph.D.

Technical Analysis: A Glimpse into Candlestick Patterns

Abstract: A study of the popular strategy of predicting future prices based on pre-existing patterns in securities, looking into strategies for automating trading.

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ryen kump

Ryen Renae Kump

Cybersecurity | Mentor: Brian Heinold, Ph.D.

Using Honeypots to Study Network Attacks

Abstract: This project uses honeypots, pieces of computer-mimicking software, to log network attacks that are carried out on a system. The logs are studied and new ways to prevent these attacks are identified, which greatly benefits the security community and informs people on how to stay protected.

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marissa lawson

Marissa Lawson

Biology / Environmental Science | Mentor: Eric G. Sakowski, Ph.D.

Evaluating the Effects of Invasive Mussels on Native Microbial Communities

Abstract: This project investigates the impacts of invasive species Dreissena polymorpha (zebra mussels) and Dreissena bugensis (quagga mussels) and treatment for their removal on the structure and function of native aquatic ecosystems. Water samples were collected from various field sites biweekly for six months to perform a three-way comparison.

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hana leftridge

Hana K. Leftridge

Education | Mentor: Kara Brady, Ph.D.

The Importance of Multicultural Literature in the Second Grade Classroom

Abstract: This research project identifies the importance of providing students with high quality multi-cultural narrative texts, with a specific focus on second grade texts, including a literature review of multicultural narratives from the Maryland State language arts curriculum.

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kalie messner

Kalie M. Messner

Accounting, Forensic Accounting | Mentor: Lawrence J. Hoffman

Fraudulent Feds and Malicious Morals

Abstract: This project addresses the numerous forms of fraud committed against the government and the actions being taken to detect and prevent such schemes from occurring. This project takes a significant look at the professional conduct and ethical standards in place for accounting professionals and the effectiveness of these in the workforce.

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danielle milo

Danielle R. Milo

Health Science | Mentor: Dana P. Ward, Ph.D.

Sensitivity of Methylcitrate Synthase to Calcium Propionate in Fusarium Oxysporum

Abstract: A study focused on the creation of Methylcitrate synthase from the fungus Fusarium Oxysporum to examine its sensitivity to Calcium Propionate. Through the formation of DNA and enzyme kinetics, results were able to be determined in regards to the enzyme's sensitivity.

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elizabeth murray

Elizabeth Murray

Business | Mentors: Barrett Turner, Ph.D., and Josey Chacko, Ph.D.

An Application of the CSR and CST Framework to Starbucks' Supply Chain

Abstract: Drawing on research from Catholic moral theology, supply chain procurement, and international business regulatory practices, this study provides a moral analysis of Starbucks’ Brazilian coffee bean supply chain.

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Avery L. Neuhart

Computer Science / Data Science | Mentor: Rebecca W. Portier

Personal Data Protection: Federated Learning Models as a Solution to Machine Learning with Protected Data and Its Challenges

Abstract: This paper explores the use of federated learning models as a solution to the data privacy issues that arise with traditional machine learning. Through the exchange of models rather than data, federated learning aims to create machine learning models while allowing the maintenance of data privacy.

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elaina perry

Elaina Perry

Area of Study | Mentor: Patrick M. Lombardi, Ph.D.

Investigating Amino Acid Interactions Responsible for Facilitating Binding Between ASCC2 and Polyubiquitin Chains

Abstract: A variety of exogenous and endogenous factors have the potential to cause DNA alkylation damage. Genomic integrity relies on repair pathways to prevent mutations and cell death. Alkylation damage repair factors demonstrate recruitment through a ubiquitin-dependent mechanism, but the facilitators and specific mechanism of action are unclear. This paper describes findings in an attempt to distinguish the binding mechanism between ASCC2 and polyubiquitin chains by testing the binding interactions of various K63Ub-2 mutants. A fuller comprehension of this repair mechanism could enhance alkylation chemotherapy, offering safer and more effective oncological therapies.

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olivia prevost

Olivia K. Prevost

Philosophy | Mentors: Michael Miller, Ph.D., and Joshua Hochschild, Ph.D.

Critical Realism and Catholic Social Teaching: An Authentically Catholic Response to Systemic Racism

Abstract: An investigation into how Catholics ought to respond to issues of systemic racism. Drawing from traditional elements of Catholic Social Teaching, this paper will argue that a proper response to systemic racism must avoid the pitfalls of hyper-individualism, often found in modern liberal philosophy, while also avoiding extreme collectivism, as often found in responses rooted in Critical Race Theory.

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danielle reilly

Danielle M. Reilly

Accounting / Forensic Accounting | Mentor: Raymond C. Speciale, Ph.D.

Let the Data Show: Data Analysis in Law Enforcement

Abstract: This report provides a case for the need for data analytics within law enforcement, especially at the local and state levels. Identified problems include lack of data analysis knowledge, personnel, and resources within law enforcement at non-federal levels.

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catherine remaniak

Catherine C. Remaniak

Political Science | Mentor: William T. Christiansen, Ph.D.

Inequality for All: The Effect of Economic Status on Voter Choice

Abstract: Does income level determine voting choice? A study of behavior during gameplay wherein players are assigned various economic statuses within a simulation. They participate in civil society, voting as they go through the game. In-game vote choice is then compared to self-identified economic ideology.

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Margarita F. Santos

Biology | Mentors: Christine McCauslin, Ph.D., and Dana P. Ward, Ph.D.

Assessing the Sensitivity of Four Pathogenic Fungal Species to Calcium Propionate

Abstract: Certain amounts of calcium propionate, most known to be used as an additive to prevent mold growth, have been observed to have an adverse effect on some fungal organisms. The focus of this project assesses the sensitivity of four key pathogenic fungal species to calcium propionate and determines exactly what concentrations of calcium propionate present in the environment affects the growth of the four species.

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harry scherer

Harry Scherer

History / Political Science | Mentor: Joshua Hochschild, Ph.D.

Subsidiarity as Cultural Risk Management

Abstract: This project translates the historically rich and intellectually powerful Catholic social teaching principle of subsidiarity into the vernacular. While CST depends on immutable theological truths as its foundation, it is highly concerned with and relies on truths discovered outside of revelation, namely the physical and social sciences, philosophy, and history. The relationship of interdependence between the CST system and this earthly knowledge is mutually fulfilling and requires mutual knowledge for proper implementation. This project identifies subsidiarity as a form of risk management because the two attempt to answer the same questions.

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santino servagno

Santino Servagno

Chemistry | Mentors: Patricia J. Kreke, Ph.D., and Danny G. Miles, Ph.D.

Synthesis and Characterization of CTA3,5, and CTA2,6 Micellar Systems

Abstract: A new synthetic protocol which yields CTA3,5 and CTA2,6 of higher yield and purity than previous protocols is explored. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy confirms synthesis of the target molecules. Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering determinse the critical micelle concentration and morphology of the resultant micelles.

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casey spiridopoulos

Casey Spiridopoulos

Biochemistry / Chemistry | Mentor: Isaac N. Mills, Ph.D.

Synthesis of Novel Pyrylium Salts for Photocatalysis and Anticancer Effects

Abstract: A safer and more cost-efficient approach for the synthesis of triphenylpyrylium salt derivatives with varying substituents was established via a chalcone intermediate, excluding the use of traditional dangerous perchlorate counterions. Functionalized 2,4,6-triphenylpyrylium salts have strong photo-oxidizing properties that convert visible light into chemical energy and contain the means to be transformed into cancer therapy drugs, resulting from their photo-oxidizing properties, regioselectivity, and exceptional functional group tolerance. The photoelectronic tunability was demonstrated by ultraviolet-visible spectrum, cyclic voltammetry data, fluorescence data, and redox stability.

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travis tasker

Travis Tasker

Business | Mentor: Josey Chacko, Ph.D.

Business Surveillance and Covid-19: How the Pandemic Shifted Technological Advancement in Employee Monitoring

Abstract: Employee productivity is critical to businesses, which has been tracked through business surveillance technology. This research paper reviews the various types of business surveillance technology, the ethics behind it, and the implementation effects on businesses and employees, with specific attention to the effects of Covid-19 and working from home.

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andrew turner

Andrew H. Turner

Fine Arts / History | Mentor: David W. Cohill

There are Many Like It: The M1 Garand, and Its Impact on Infantry Tactics

Abstract: An examination of the history of arms, manufacturing processes, and infantry tactics of the M1 Garand Rifle and a discussion of the advantages the Garand gave the American Army.

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victoria tyler

Victoria M. Tyler

Communication | Mentor: Mary Catherine Kennedy, Ph.D.

Do Likes Really Matter? An Examination of Self-Image on Instagram

Abstract: Many people find themselves scrolling through different social media sites. This study gathered people between the ages of 18-50 in order to find more information on feelings while using Instagram. The findings show that different ages use the app differently, and users have lower self-esteem and self-confidence once getting off of the app.

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sergio villafane

Sergio Villafane

Computer Science / Cybersecurity | Mentor: Rebecca W. Portier

Analyzing Machine Learning based Threat Detection for the Mount

Abstract: This project analyzes whether machine learning can be used to help the Mount's Security Operations Center (SOC) detect account compromises and asks how accurate of a model will be produced with the machine learning algorithm only being able to use features from the logs that the SOC collects to produce predictions.

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Louise-Franchesca Villangca

Biology | Mentor: Eric G. Sakowski, Ph.D.

Analyzing the Presence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Wastewater and Its Impact on the Local Environment

Abstract: Antibiotics are prescribed to treat bacterial infections; however, antibiotic resistance is a rising public health threat. This study focuses on antibiotic resistance in wastewater and soil habitats that are known as common reservoirs for antibiotic resistant pathogens. Antibiotic resistance genes were characterized in wastewater and soil samples using qPCR.

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conner wahl

Connor Wahl

Business | Mentor: Nancy L. Kimble

Analyzing The Effectiveness of Influencers in Marketing

Abstract: This project analyzes the effectiveness and risks associated with using social media influencers in a marketing mix. I look at the return on investments with using these new age marketers to evaluate whether they are a more rewarding investment compared to standard spokespeople or whether companies should stay away from this new marketing technique.

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emma weinheimer

Emma R. Weinheimer

Communication | Mentor: Mary Catherine Kennedy, Ph.D.

Returning to the Basics: A Self-critical Analysis of The Great Eight Podcast and an Analysis of Podcasting as a Form of Supplemental Course Material

Abstract: My project discusses the importance, effectiveness, and use of Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Great Books podcasts, particularly during COVID-19.

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mary yenca

Mary Yenca

Biochemistry / Chemistry | Mentor: Isaac N. Mills, Ph.D.

Synthesis of Novel Bispyrylium Salts to Investigate the Tunability of Optoelectronic Properties

Abstract: Pyrylium salts are a useful and versatile class of molecules. The synthesis of novel bispyrylium structures and their properties are described for the creation of a superior photosensitizing dye for dye-sensitized solar cells. The photosensitizer is optimized by decreasing the HOMO-LUMO energy gap and evaluated by electrochemical and photophysical analysis.

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morgan young

Morgan L. Young

Psychology | Mentor: Robert Keefer, Ph.D.

Microaggressions at Work: A Study of Work Experiences and Job Satisfaction

Abstract: Using operational definitions for microaggressions, a survey was conducted to assess the level and volume of microaggressions experienced at work and the level of job satisfaction that participants report having for their workplace. Among the findings is an uncovering of which demographic variables are most significant.

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