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Mount Magazine

Flip through the pages of the Mount Magazine any time you want, anywhere you want. Keep up-to-date with your classmates happenings, find out about upcoming chapter events or just read about the great things the Mount and our alumni are doing.

Please email story ideas and comments to

Photo Submission Guidelines

When sending photos digitally via email for possible inclusion in Mount Magazine and on our website, please follow these guidelines:

Digital photos and scanned prints should be at least 2x3 at 300 dpi (dots per inch)

  • Digital cameras: If you are unsure of your camera's resolution options, take the photo(s) at the largest size or quality possible.

  • Scanned prints: Scanner software allows you to choose the dpi so follow the guidelines above.

When taking the photo be sure to make the subject as large as possible within the frame of the photo. If you are taking pictures of large groups of people, arrange them in several rows in front of each other.

Photos should be saved as .jpeg files and emailed to