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Artist creating in greens

Be Inspired

How you choose to spend your time is one of life's greatest responsibilities and most profound gifts. Read how our alumni, students, faculty and coaches are using their time and talents to create, learn, explore, teach and make a difference. At the Mount, you'll get to spend your next four years writing your own story.

student firefighters

How will you lead?

“My day is much better when I have already been to a working fire before my first class of the day,” says Ingrid Hazbon, C’21, who loves serving the local community as a firefighter and emergency medical technician (EMT). One morning the emergency didn’t come early enough, and Hazbon, dressed for class in sweatpants and slippers, had to leave class and respond to the call from a bad accident with somewhat inappropriate footwear.

Ingrid's Story
Mount St. Mary's University student Collins Nji, C'23

What will you accomplish?

As a 17-year old, Collins Nji, C'23, won international acclaim as a Google Code-In grand prize winner and the first African winner. He spent four days at Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

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Jenna West, C'19

One Goal at a Time

"I had some of the best times of my life at the Mount and soccer was a big part of that. Being able to play Division I soccer has been a dream since I was a little girl and allowed me to travel to places like England and Sweden. Most importantly, Mount soccer gave me some of my best friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life."

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Mount St. Mary's University graduate Clarke Hooper, C'19

Fueling Her Dreams

“It’s a close-knit community that allowed me to strengthen my faith and my academics while fulfilling my love for track and field.”

Clarke Hooper, C'19Studied: Elementary Education
Current Employer: North Frederick Elementary School, Frederick County Public Schools

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What will motivate you?

Mercedes Fuentes, C’19, a transfer student who came to the Mount two-and-a-half years ago, was caffeine-fueled for all of them. “Coffee became my best friend and something I couldn’t live without because of all the late night studying.” Passionate about cellular biology and microbiology, she’s hyper-focused on paying attention to the little things and is interested in how small organisms can do so much good and harm to our bodies.

Isaac Mills and Mercedes

What sparks your curiosity?

"I got the idea from watching an episode of Breaking Bad" Isaac Mills, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry

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Moriah Tyler, C'19

Art & Life

Currently restoring a Victorian that once served as the childhood home of an award-winning late 19th century American bronze and plaster sculptor, Moriah Tyler, C'19, is forging her own path and creating art as the education & visual arts coordinator at the Carroll County Arts Council.

Learn about Moriah

Competing Ferociously

Doug O’Donnell, C’22, a loose forward on the Mount St. Mary’s University men’s rugby team, was one of 64 players from around the world who was chosen to travel to Hong Kong to try out for the Overseas Lions, a U19 15s international select team, ultimately becoming one of only 35 players to make the final selections.

Art class with Nick Hutchings

Who will you become?

"Art teaches mindfulness, a sense of presence and creative problem-solving."

Nick Hutchings, M.F.A.

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Jeremiah "J3rry Homes"

How will you explore?

Born and raised in Baltimore, Jeremiah Paige, C’19, started rapping for fun during his sophomore year at the Mount. “I told my friend if I made a mixtape it would be better than his because I have better taste in music.” Fast forward a year and 4,200 miles away: Paige was studying abroad, rapping in Prague and getting paid for his performances. He shared his music with crowds at clubs, shoe stores and bars.

Read Jeremiah's Story

Running the Race

Mount St. Mary's University Director of Cross Country and Track & Field Jay Phillips, C'05, MT'08, teaches student-athletes to learn from everyone they spend time with—to pay attention, listen and keep taking steps toward their best selves. In 2018, the men’s outdoor track and field team won their first Northeast Conference Track & Field title in 21 years, and Phillips and his staff were voted by colleagues as NEC Coaching Staff of the Year.

Alexandra Edwards, C'19, a fine arts major at Mount St. Mary's University, works on an art project

What will you create?

“I have learned, through art, that things will explode, break and fall apart—but it’s the way you take all the broken pieces and put them together to make something even better than you had before. Trust the process and your art will shine,” says Alexandra Edwards, C’19, a fine arts major.

Read Alexandra's story
Mount St. Mary's University student Maxfield Davis, C’21

What will you learn?

This summer Maxfield Davis, C’21, will intern with Prudential in the New York City area for 10 weeks while gaining real-world experience about trading, compliance, operations and investment analysis.

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