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Core Leadership Program

Core is the leadership development program offered by the Center for Service. This unique program allows for undergraduate students who are committed to service and social justice to become trained student leaders who plan, facilitate, and lead the Mount community in the various experiences offered by the Center for Service. These dynamic students eagerly share their knowledge and passions with others of issues of social justice and advocate for positive change.

Lower McGowan 116
Phone: (301) 447-5124 

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students fixing a house for Habitat for Humanity

Community service projects, such as repairing a house with Habitat for Humanity, are one of the fun and rewarding projects CORE leaders work on.

Become a CORE Leader

Members of the freshman, sophomore, junior classes with an interest in service and justice are encouraged to apply to be part of Core. Applications will be available online starting at the beginning of the fall semester.

Information Sessions

Come learn about this opportunity from those who know it the best, current Core leaders! Information sessions will be held by current student leaders to discuss the mission of Core, their experience in Core, explain the application and interview process, and answer any other questions applicants may have. These will be held in the Center for Service and session dates will be sent out to campus in an email at the beginning of the academic year.


After all applications have been reviewed, arrangements will be made for applicants to be interviewed by a small group of current Core leaders as well as office staff members.


If selected, applicants will be required to attend all mandatory training sessions and retreats with the other members of the Core training cohort. Dates for these experiences will be outlined on the application so new members will have the ability to make the necessary schedule arrangements.