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Challenge Course Team Building

For more than ten years Outdoor Adventures has provided high quality team building programs for students, faculty and staff. Our ropes course team building experiences are custom designed to fit the needs of your organization.

What is Team Building?

Plato said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” At Outdoor Adventures, team building is really just focused, facilitated play. As we work with groups on our challenge courses we present them with opportunities to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and move beyond their perceived boundaries. Groups learn the value of cooperation and encouragement. As participants move through a sequence of physically and/or mentally challenging activities, the focus is on what can be accomplished as a group. Groups take what they learn about teamwork from their time with us on the challenge course and transfer them to future team settings.

We realize that not every activity will be suited for everyone. We encourage all participants to challenge themselves to a healthy limit and no further. It is important for everyone to find a role that will allow them to contribute to personal and group success. It is also critical for the rest of the group to support everyone's choices and roles in the experience.

Chris Duffy, Director of the Outdoor Adventures program

Challenge Course Programs

Low Challenge Course

The low course consists of activities which can be used as tools for personal and group development. On the low course, activities are close to the ground and require group members to spot each other. Low elements demand teamwork and interaction of all group members to complete. Groups learn to work together and how to use skills such as communication, collaboration and problem solving to achieve success.
Group size: 6 – 40 people (age 10 years and older)
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High Challenge Course

High Challenge Course

On our high course, participants challenge themselves on elements that are over 30 feet high with the protection of a harness and rope. High course elements can be completed in teams or individually. High course programs are a great way for participants to learn about their perceived limits, how they perform under pressure and how to create a supportive environment.
Group size: 6 – 40 people (age 10 years and older.)
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Zip Line

If you are looking for that ultimate rush, the zip line is where you will find it! Participants will climb the 40 foot zip line pole and step off the platform for an exhilarating ride above the beautiful Mount St. Mary’s pond. The zip line provides a comradely team-building experience where participants encourage their group members to take that heart dropping step off the platform. We offer zip line programs at an hourly rate. Our facilitators can normally send 10–12 people per hour.
Group size: 6–40 participants (minimum age is 10 years old)
Minimum weight requirement for Zip Line is 65 pounds.
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Pricing Information

See our chart below for general pricing for full day and half day events. If these general categories don’t fit the desired design of your program, please contact Outdoor Adventures to further customize your experience.Please note: Zipline programs alone are priced at an hourly rate. If you want to include a zipline program in your high course day, then a custom program price will be negotiated.

Program Type University Group Rate
4-hour Low or High Challenge Course Program $5 per person
8-hour Low or High Challenge Course Program $10 per person
8-hour Combination High/Low Challenge Course Program $15 per person
Zip Line Program $50 per hour

Planning and Release Forms

To book your team building please follow these steps:

  1. Read through the challenge course section of our website in its entirety to have a better understanding of the type of program that will most benefit your organization.

  2. Talk with your group about the benefits of a challenge course experience.

  3. Select 2-3 optional dates that work for the group. (We appreciate at least three weeks notice from when the date is secured to the start of the program)

  4. Fill out and submit a Challenge Course Program Request form and expect to receive an email from outdoor adventures within a week of submitting request.

  5. Fill out the Teambuilding Intake Questionnaire (.pdf) and email it back to Outdoor Adventures at least two weeks before program date.

  6. Have each participant fill out a medical form (.pdf) and risk and liability waiver (.pdf). Make sure to include a parental consent signature for any minors. Return forms to Outdoor Adventures at least a week before program date. 

  7. Enjoy a great day of fun, adventure, and learning with us.