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Pep Band

MSMU pep band

About the Mount's Pep Band

The “Mighty Sound of the Mount” is Mount St. Mary’s University Pep Band. Known for its powerful sound and exciting repertoire, the band is comprised of students of any major who play standard band instruments, which also includes the MSMU drumline! The Pep Band welcomes anyone with a good attitude who loves live performance to come and make music with us! Brass, woodwinds, drumline, percussions, guitars, electronics - any level, any age. We are the innovators who bring a fresh energy to the Mount’s spirit squad! The MSMU Pep Band is the perfect activity to free yourself from academic rigors while providing inspiration to our student-athletes and all spectators at the events we attend!

MSMU Pep Band Mission Statement

The mission of the Mount St. Mary’s Pep Band is to make a positive difference in the lives of its members by providing highly energized musical experiences through live performance, and to assist the individual in realizing their potential as they develop confidence, cooperation, leadership, responsibility and high standards of excellence and character.

Interested in joining the Pep Band? Complete the interest form and we'll be in touch!

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Goals of the MSMU Pep Band

  • Each member will strive for the highest standards of performance excellence.
  • Each member will understand the importance of responsibility for attendance, preparation and each other.
  • Each member will develop his/her self-awareness in rehearsal and performance to enhance overall ensemble quality.
  • Each member will develop self-confidence as an individual performer.
  • Each member will serve as an ambassador to the Mount St. Mary’s community and represent the university in the most positive way possible.

What Pep Band Members Like Most About the Mount...

elijah disharoon

“The Mount St. Mary’s Pep Band allows me to have fun with my friends while still creating an incredible sound and acting as professionals. I can truly say that the Mount Pep Band is the place to be for musicians at Mount St. Mary’s University.”

~ Elijah Disharoon, C'23

jack lawler

“The main reason I choose to come back to the Mount every year is because of the Pep Band program. The atmosphere we’ve created is nothing short of being a family. We come here for the love of the music and the love of one another.”

~ Jack Lawler, C'24


“Joining the Mount Pep Band has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love being able to make music with friends in a fun but professional environment. Even though we came together as a group of musicians, we are more like family.”

~ Kaylee Dembrowski, C'25

pep band at basketball game with emmit
pep band in knott auditorium
pep band playing at basketball game


Why should I join the Mount Pep Band?

You should join the Mount Pep Band because it’s a great place to continue playing your instrument while making friends you’ll have for the rest of your life! We’re all about building a great community while supporting our athletic teams at MSMU! When you join the Mount Pep Band you’ll not only get some cool Mount gear but you’ll also be welcomed into a family of fellow music lovers.

Does the pep band play at basketball games?

Yes! We play at all home men’s basketball games and select women’s games. Our teams are Division I and in 2021 both women’s and men’s teams went to the NCAA tournament. We travel with the teams to any post-season games. We also perform at campus events such as FamilyFest and other events that need our enthusiastic spirit!

Learn more about Division I athletics at the Mount.

When’s rehearsal? What if I have a busy schedule? Can I still join the band?

Rehearsals take place every Monday and Wednesday evening from 5:30-7 p.m. in Knott Auditorium. Pep Band members are some of the busiest students at the Mount. Our members play sports, perform in other musical ensembles, are members of the honors program, and so much more! It’s totally possible to do all these things and still play in the band. The director will work with you to help make this possible!

Do I need to audition to be in the band?

No! But having some experience playing a woodwind, brass, or drum set is important. All members are expected to be able to read music and have basic proficiency on their instrument. Members have various playing experiences—from playing since middle school, to learning a new instrument as a freshman in college.

How do I join?

Complete the interest form to sign up. We’re always happy to welcome new players—even if it’s in the middle of the semester.

Are scholarships available?

Yes! Scholarships are available to eligible students who have demonstrated proficiency on their instrument and are able to commit to our rehearsal and performance schedule. Scholarships are renewable every semester up to four years.

Do I need to be a music major to join?

No! In fact most of our members major in something other than music. We have educations majors, biology majors, art majors and many others. Interested in being a music major? Learn more about Visual and Performing Arts at the Mount.

Are instruments available to rent?

Yes. We have a number of instruments in excellent condition that can be checked out to you at the beginning of the semester. Please be sure to inform us of any instrument needs as soon as possible.

Join the Pep Band

Interested in joining the Pep Band? Complete the interest form and we'll be in touch!

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