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New Student Housing

Welcome to on-campus living at the Mount! New students have several options available when applying for housing, including several Integrated Learning Living Communities. The Residence Life staff makes all efforts to accommodate housing requests from incoming students, but we are unable to guarantee new students will receive a housing assignment in any particular housing community.

Types of Housing for First-Year Students

All students apply to live in General Housing, some opt to be considered for placement in an Integrated Learning Living Community (ILLC).

General Housing

General Housing will be in Sheridan Hall, Pangborn Hall, Bradley Hall and areas of the Terrace Complex. Students who choose this option will be assigned randomly to one of these buildings, unless selected into an ILLC. These areas are home to mainly first-year students. Transfer students are assigned housing based on their class year.

Learn about what to bring and what isn't permitted.

Packing List - English Version

Packing List - Spanish Version

Integrated Learning Living Communities (ILLC)

In each of the three Integrated Learning Living Communities, your floor mates are also your classmates. You will share the same faculty adviser and take at least one course each semester with other members of your community. The ILLCs are designed for you to explore mutual connections, and interact with your peers and faculty members around topics related to your themed community. You may apply for an ILLC through your housing application. Application for ILLCs are due June 30.

The Honors ILLC

The Honors ILLC provides gifted first-year students the opportunity to live in a residence hall as a close-knit peer group pursuing shared goals and interests. The cohort of ILLC students will not only take their Honors classes together but will also engage with faculty in co-curricular activities and lectures that complement their course work. This unique dynamic learning experience will take advantage of many of the region’s many resources, such as the Library of Congress, theaters and museums, and historical sites.

Apply for Housing

All new students interested in living on campus for the fall semester will need to apply for housing through the Mount's Symplicity Residence Housing System.

How to Apply

To apply, use your Mount email and password to login into the Symplicity Residence Housing System. All incoming new students will receive their Mount email and password in their personal email after they have paid their deposit with the university.

When to Apply

  • May 1 - Symplicity Residence System opens for first-year housing and ILLC applications.
  • June 30 - New Student Housing Application and Roommate Preferences due by 11:55 p.m.
  • June 30 - Housing Accommodations Housing forms due for new students
  • Mid-July - Official housing assignments and roommate information will be sent to your Mount email account.

Housing Application Steps

Below you will find step-by-step directions on how to complete and submit a housing application through the Mount St. Mary's University Symplicity Residence system.

Step 1: Log-in to Symplicity

Step 1 - Log-in to Symplicity

Troubleshooting this Step

All new students receive a Mount email and password in you personal email after you have paid your deposit with the university. This email is how you access the system.

Step 2: Complete Your Housing Application

Step Two – Complete your Housing Application

  1. Click on "Get Started" to begin your application
  2. Complete your personal information
  3. Fill out the Roommate Compatibility Questionnaire, this will identify your preferences in your roommate profile section to allow for effective roommate matching. (To choose your own roommates continue with the two steps below)
    1. Browse profiles and contact potential roommate(s)
    2. Final Roommate Selection - All passcodes are required to complete this step. Your roommate passcode is in parentheses next to your name in the upper right hand side of the screen.

Troubleshooting this Step

  • Details on selecting roommates can be found further down this page under Roommate Matching >
  • Not sure if you're in the right place? Your screen should look like the image below:

Step 3: Finalize and Submit Application

Step 3 – Finalize and Submit your Housing Application

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Contract
  2. Check agree
  3. Carefully review your application and select "Save as a Draft"
  4. Print your application and the housing contract terms for your records
  5. Select "Submit Application" and you're done.

Step 4: Final Housing Placement

Step 4 – Final Housing Placement

Official housing assignments and roommate information will be sent to your Mount email account in July. Check your email for housing assignments

Troubleshooting this Step

  • Trouble with your email/password? Contact the Information Technology Support Center >
  • Assigned a non-existing hall in MyMount? If you log into MyMount and see your placement as "Basil Hall 999," please note that this is only a place holder and not your actual housing assignment. This will be changed in July when housing assignments have been finalized.

Roommate Matching

The section titled "Roommate Matching" found on the Symplicity Residence Housing System is where you can find your personal passcode for setting up roommates in your housing application. You are not required to select a specific roommate.Residence Life will match all students who do not select a specific roommate with other students based on compatible answers to the Roommate Questionnaire.

How to set up Roommates

On the homepage you will find a box on the right called "Your Passcode." This personal code generated for each resident, can be given to another new student to link the two of you together in the system. Before you give out your passcode, please be positive that you want to live with that person.If you change your mind after giving out your passcode, you may go to the group tab to remove yourself from the group to which you're linked.


  • First Year Students: New Student Housing Application and Roommate Matching Preferences must be submitted by June 30.
  • Transfer Students: New Student Housing Application and Roommate Matching Preferences must be submitted by July 15.


All roommate selections and changes in the application must be completed by June 30. Applications will remain open to edit until the deadline has passed. Applications will show in draft form until submitted by the student. Please remember that new students will be assigned to various types of housing (2 person rooms, 3 person rooms, suites, etc.), which may require requested roommates to also be housed with one or more additional students. If you have any questions or difficulties with this process, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Roommate Matching System Steps

Please follow these steps only if you would like to identify a roommate yourself next year. Our office can also place you with a random roommate based on your roommate matching profile.

Step 1: Roommate Matching

Login, then click on the roommate tab at the top and select the incoming fall term from the drop down menu. Students can search for residents who match their profile by using the information from the roommate questionnaire.Please be aware that the system will only provide you with results that match all of the questions you answered, so you may wish to only select those that are of most importance. The results will only include those students who have already applied for housing and have indicated interest in the same type of housing (General Housing, Honors Housing, etc.) and the same smoking preference as you.

Step 2: Browse Profiles and Contact Potential Roommate(s)

After you submit the questionnaire, you will be brought to the browse matching profiles of potential roommates. Click on a profile to view it. If you find a potential match, click the "Send Message" button to email the student to see if they would like to room with you. Remember to include your contact information in your message.

Step 3: Final Roommate Selection

Once you have collectively decided who you will room with, collect all of the roommates passcodes to enter in the system. Only one person needs to enter the resident passcode(s) in the Roommate Management section.

Please be aware that the system will only be able to match roommates of the same gender, those who have applied for the same type of housing (General Housing, Honors Housing, etc..), and have the same smoking preference. To enter the passcodes click on the "Find someone you know tab". Enter each roommate passcode individually, when their name appears click on the name to move it into the box below. After each name is entered in the box, click send invite. Your roommates will then have to accept the request. You can enter up to 3 passcodes of residents to live with in the fall.

Roommate Matching is found on the Symplicity Residence Housing System

Go To Symplicity Housing

Housing Accommodations

Please contact Learning Services to request Housing Accommodations.


All forms must be received by Learning Services by the following dates in order to process your request.

  • March 14th - Returning Students
  • June 30th - Incoming New Students

Email Housing forms to Learning Services or call 301-447-5006 for assistance.

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