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Cybersecurity Major and Minor

Cybersecurity Major

A bachelor of science degree in cybersecurity requires a minimum of 36 credit hours for the major plus 12 elective credit hours. Majors must take the following courses:

  • CYBER 160 Networking Administration 

  • CYBER 161 UNIX and Windows Operating Systems

  • CYBER 201 Secure Systems Design and Risk Management

  • CYBER 210 Systems Operations Management

  • CYBER 400 Cybersecurity Capstone

  • CMSCI 120, and 125 Introduction to Computer Science I and II

  • CMSCI 277  Computer Architecture

  • CMSCI 355 Network Systems and Design

  • CMSCI 356 Operating Systems and Design

  • CMSCI 357 Network Security

  • CMSCI 358 Computer Security I

Cybersecurity Minor

Cybersecurity is an 18 credit interdisciplinary minor, drawing on both the departments of math and computer science in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics and sociology/criminology and criminal justice in the School of Education and Human Services. In focusing on the computer science, criminological, and criminal justice components of the cyber world, this minor seeks to foster the development of graduates well-skilled in the analytical and ethical issues associated with Internet technology. The minor is available to all students, regardless of major, and is particularly attractive when combined with a major in business, mathematics or science.

The required courses for the minor are:

  • CMSCI 120, 125 Introduction to Computer Science I & II

  • CMSCI 358 Computer Security

  • Either CMSCI 359 Database Management Systems or 355 Network Systems and Design

  • CJUST 314 Intro to Cybersecurity

  • CJUST 319 Cyber Forensics

Note: Computer science majors who decide to minor in cybersecurity may not double-count CMSCI 358.

Declaration of Major and Declaration of Minor forms are available through the registrar's office.

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