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Mount students at a panel discussion

Conflict, Peace and Social Justice

Become a catalyst for social change.

In today’s world, conflict and the need for peace are ever present. The conflict, peace and social justice program allows for an interdisciplinary examination of what creates peace, combining aspects of political science, philosophy and sociology, as well as business and economics.

College of Liberal Arts

The undergraduate degree in conflict, peace and social justice is part of the College of Liberal Arts, which is about making connections freely—exploring human achievement, examining the past critically and discovering ways to build upon it, and understanding yourself and our diverse world in order to transform it.

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About the major.

Within the Conflict, Peace and Social Justice major you’ll study how socio-cultural differences affects decision-making within political systems, the ethical and moral challenges to peace building today, as well as conduct your own research in the field. This major combines classes from a variety of disciplines including Interpersonal Communication, Foundations of Mediation, Investigating Politics, and Social Inequality. Conflict, Peace and Social Justice goes beyond the classroom promote success in your line of work, developing your critical thinking and communication skills.

What can you do after graduation with a Conflict, Peace and Social Justice major? Anything that requires the ability to analyze problems and come up with creative solutions. You’ll have the preparation needed to become a lawyer, social worker, or any other profession you desire.

emmy jansen

At SPARC 2022, I had five research presentations to give in one day and pulled it off successfully, I proved to myself that I could do what everyone else knew I was capable of, and it was a great summation of my three years at the Mount to see all of my hard work appreciated.

Emmy Jansen, English and Conflict, Peace and Social Justice
Marketing Assistant, BB Communications Agency

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About the Minor.

The Mount’s conflict, peace and social justice minor can be a great complement to many majors as you learn about different cultures of the world. With an elevated awareness of problems, responsibilities and solutions incumbent upon citizens of a global community, you’ll be prepared for many careers in fields from politics to human services and law to international diplomacy. You’ll have the skills and tools necessary to analyze how world issues like violence, poverty and health care converge with human rights, social justice and faith, and how that affects humanity.

Pair the minor with a sociology major and work in public service, a communication degree to pursue a career as a journalist, bringing reports of discrimination and injustice to light, or an international studies major and work to strengthen international relations.

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